Shipping & Returns

Shipment Terms


When the term is FOB. LA, all merchandise pricing for shipping and handling is not included.


International shipments can be quoted as delivered duty paid (DDP) or delivered duty unpaid (DDU) by request. Not all countries permit DDP terms. In order to quote accurately, a complete delivery address is required.

DDP quotes include Duties or Value-Added Taxes, but DDU quotes do not include them. If DDU, the charges need to be paid to the carrier or customs broker prior to taking delivery by the recipient. The recipient may also be required to file a power of attorney with the carrier or customs broker for customs clearance.

Shipment Methods

HT PREMIUM reserves the right to determine the best shipping method unless specifically pre-routed by the customer.


HT PREMIUM USE UPS, FedEx or DHL to ship Sample usually. Customers can route shipping methods specifically.

Air shipping

Air shipping will be an economical way than Express to ship bulk orders. We choose air shipping when customers have a close delivery date.

Sea shipping, Train/cargo shipping

Usually, we choose sea shipping or train/cargo shipping for bulk orders.


Bulk Packaging unless otherwise specified by customers.

Split Shipments

HT PREMIUM reserves the right to make split shipments.

Incorrect Addresses

UPS and FedEx charge for address corrections. If an incorrect address is provided on the customer's PO or email, the customer should cover the extra fees charged. These charges are calculated by the carton. This situation can take as long as 2-4 weeks. Suites and floors are critical parts of the address and must be included in your delivery information.

Shipment Rerouting

If you want to reroute packages that have left our facility, please contact HT PREMIUM or contact your carrier directly. Carrier may charge an extra fee for the amendment. If the bill is sent to HT PREMIUM, all fees charged will be invoiced once we are notified of the charges.

Shipment Returns

We are pleased to guarantee our products, But we cannot assure that products would not be lost, spoiled, or returned because of inaccurate shipping addresses or the carrier's incorrect work. We will be happy to negotiate with customers to solve problems.