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ASI Show Highlights

Elevate Your Workspace:Experience the Ultimate Office Product Suite at ASI Show 2024

Why Choose Us

  • Business: professional team, experienced, fast quote within 24 hours, expedited order
  • Website: 4000+ product database, covering all types of information, support for multi-conditional screening, no need to distinguish the source of goods, online customer service, instant response, website design should focus on user experience and visual appeal.
  • Data: data visualization, open data interface, data docking.
  • Products: massive products, support multiple categories and scenarios to choose, rich directory, continuous updating and optimization; professional product team.
  • Design: design assistance, according to customer requirements to add customized products, custom printing.
  • Service: provide free models and samples, professional design, brand development, professional QC team and strict quality control, one-stop service to follow up orders; flexible payment methods.
  • After-sales service: one-on-one customized service, product quality problem handling, round-the-clock customer service.
  • Transportation: ocean freight, air freight, to meet different needs, the four major courier accounts: UPS, Fedex, etc., to provide door-to-door service.
  • Marketing: for the target customer groups, highlighting the unique selling points and value proposition of the product, effectively communicating the brand information, stimulate the desire of potential customers to buy, weekly email marketing, Catalog can be downloaded, social media marketing and so on.


What is ASI SHOW?
ASI SHOW is a specialized trade show focusing on the advertising and promotional products industry.
When will ASI SHOW 2024 be held?
Where is the location of the show?
What types of exhibits will be at the show?
If I can't attend, will there be live or recorded content online?
Can I bring a colleague with me?
Are other services available during the show?
What should I do if I have special needs, such as accessibility?
Will I still be able to access show information and resources after the show?

2024 ASIS HOW Chicago Floor Plan

2024 ASISHOW Chicago Floor Plan(Click on the image to enlarge)
HT PREMIUM BOOTH: 580,582(Click on the image to enlarge)