Creative supply of beach promotional items

Beach activities are widely considered to be one of the most anticipated activities of the summer. Whether it's a family vacation, a get-together with friends, or a corporate team-up, participants find relaxation and enjoyment in sand and beach activities. However, to make the beach event even more perfect, beach promotional items are a must. These promotional items can increase brand exposure and promote brand loyalty at events such as beach parties, beach sporting events, and even children's fashion parades. 

2024 Beach Promotional Items

In this blog, we will share our list of the hottest beach sale products for 2024. These products will help your brand stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition.

Beach Sunglasses

With unique beach giveaway ideas, you can enhance your company's image and offer your customers something stylish, like beach sunglasses. These sunglasses not only provide essential protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays but also play a dynamic marketing role.

Bulk beach sunglasses with customized brand logos, bright colors, and designs, meeting the marketing needs of different industries. Not only do they protect the wearer's eyes, but they also stylishly convey the brand's message. Some of the best beach sunglasses include:

Polarized sunglasses

sports sunglasses

Eco-friendly sunglasses

Beach Ball

If you're looking for something fun and promotional, bulk custom beach balls may be the perfect choice for you. They feature a large imprint area that adds color to summer fun while promoting your brand.

You can customize your beach ball to suit your branding needs, letting you express your creativity from business logos and custom artwork to advertising slogans. This is a popular personalized gift idea for a variety of themes and occasions.

Some top beachball giveaway ideas include:

classic beach ball

mini beach ball

Glow-in-the-dark beach ball

custom beach ball


Beach Umbrella

With blue skies and white clouds, a soft sea breeze, and a great beach umbrella, your beach experience will be perfect! Not only does it provide shade, but it is also your best companion during beach time. Our beach umbrellas are stylish, and durable and can effectively block the hot sun, creating a cool and comfortable holiday paradise for you and your family. Whether sunbathing on the beach or chatting with friends, our beach umbrellas will provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience.

These products can be ordered in bulk at affordable prices, allowing for broad brand exposure and customer engagement.

The most popular beach umbrellas in 2024 are

theme design umbrella

big parasol

corporate event umbrella

environmental protection umbrella

personalized umbrella


Cooler Bags

On a hot summer day, an ice-cold drink is a great option for an instant pick-me-up.

Cooler bags serve as a unique promotional item that can hold a variety of cold drinks and beer cans, providing a unique promotional opportunity for brands.

These custom cooler bags are made from eco-friendly materials and feature foam insulation inside to keep drinks cold for hours.

Due to their eco-friendly nature, many businesses choose to distribute these cooler bags as giveaways at beach events to promote their brands.

Here are some of the best cooler bag options for beach giveaways:

Portable cooler bag

backpack cooler bag

lunch cooler bag

Non-woven thermal insulation cold bag

Soft-sided cooler bag


Beach Tower

Custom beach towels are a must-have for the beach, pool parties, and events. Made from an ultra-soft, highly absorbent material, these quick-drying beach towels make a great beach promotional item for customers, employees, or potential customers. Businesses often purchase cheap beach towels in bulk to effectively promote their brands. Additionally, you can customize your beach towel with your company logo and unique themed design. As one of the leading wholesale beach towel suppliers, we offer fully customized bath towels to suit a wide range of promotional needs. The most popular beach towels in 2024 include:

Pure cotton beach towel

Microfiber Beach Towel

Eco-friendly beach towels

Sports cooling towel


Beach and Picnic Blanket

Beach blankets and picnic blankets are popular logo-branded promotional products designed to provide comfort, convenience, and durability for the outdoor experience.

They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and patterns to suit a variety of outdoor activities.

In addition to providing users with a clean, soft surface, these beach party favors are engineered to withstand the elements, using fabrics that are water-resistant, sand-resistant, and easy to clean.

Beach and picnic blankets are available in a variety of sizes for comfort and brand flair.

waterproof blanket

Anti-sand blanket

Eco-friendly blanket

Roll blanket with handle


Beach Hats/Visors

Beach hats and sun hats have always been a popular choice for summer beach sales. Whether you enjoy beachfront activities or participate in outdoor sports, these unique gifts are perfect for you. Our custom beach hats feature stylish designs, a variety of styles, and an extensive logo imprint area.

custom baseball cap

Twill bucket hat

custom straw hat

sun visor

soft hat


Beach promotional items offer functionality, fun, and brand awareness, making them ideal for companies looking to leave an unforgettable impression on their target audience. The versatility of beach-themed promotional items makes them suitable for a variety of event types, audiences, and marketing objectives. These custom beach accessories stand out as an effective marketing strategy that perfectly captures the essence of summer and leisure.

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